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Have a Disneyland Day!

Yesterday I had a Disneyland day. I grew up in Los Angeles. Disneyland was only a 45 minute drive away, so we tended to go quite often; maybe several times a year. So I guess I’ve probably been there about … Continue reading

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Next To You, Next To Me

By Shenendoah, this is Shelley and my song.

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Should’ve Gone to Nineveh

1st piano take Intro (Play just a couple bars from Gilligan’s Island to hint at it, but not give it away?) G F G F or Eb F G Eb F G (then) G G/F C/E D/F# G G/F C/E … Continue reading

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Conversing With Goats

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Looking for the Similar Tune for "I Saw You at the Funeral"

The tune/chords from I Saw You at the Funeral” has been haunting me, and worrying me that I might have taken some existing TV theme, so I searched on iTunes for TV Themes, and I think it is the theme … Continue reading

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Conversing with Goats

Last Sunday we had a visiting pastor at our church, Brad Brittain. He gave a wonderful sermon and used an illustration about a conversation with a couple goats and a fox that sounded like a great idea for a song. … Continue reading

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Across 2000 Years

This song woke me at about 3:00 am. It was like someone or something was calling me. I think it was God, but maybe I’m just crazy :-). This song is like 3 songs put together. The opening intro is … Continue reading

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I Saw You at the Funeral

This song reminds me of Todd Rundgren. I hope I haven’t stolen any of his tunes or words. This is another song that I woke up in the middle of the night hearing in my head. It was following a … Continue reading

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This is a rough, piano-only 1st take. Water The beginning is pretty much 2 bars from the beginning of the Beach Boys song “California”: “Water, water.” [Then we shift gears into more modern jazzy chords. This is where  we’ll redo … Continue reading

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I Don't Want To Sound Preachy

Piano-only rough recording. preachy  

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