I am a man just trying to be a good Christian by staying active in my church and loving God and my neighbors a little more each day.

I love to travel, play drums and keyboards, compose music, program, and express my artistic side through creating websites, iPhone and Arduino programs, and Alexa Custom and Smart Home skills.

I was laid off from my corporate programming job in October of 2009. Oddly enough, I felt very good about losing my job. I had a strong feeling that God had something “different” and better for me, although I couldn’t tell you what that was or even a hint of what it looked like.

I used this period to really dive into new areas of programming. I really enjoyed learning Mac and iPhone programming.

Once it became clear that God wasn’t going to simply provide a huge, continuous revenue stream for me, I realized that I would need to drastically cut back on my debts. This meant dumping all of the possessions that demanded so much of my income to purchase and maintain. This was and continues to be a spiritual battle, with possessions exerting a tremendous hold on me. Through much prayer and the loving support of my prayer warrior wife Shelley, I was able to make the decision to sell my house and its contents and move into an RV.

We tried to make a go of it by doing some part time consulting and programming, and working part time at the KOA campground as workampers. God always seems to provide just enough opportunities to keep us going. What a blessing this has been.

Although this was initially a financial decision, the opportunities that are opening up with this new mobile lifestyle are almost overwhelming. We are very excited about living somewhere different every year, becoming Winter Texans.

I’m currently having a blast designing and programming custom IoT devices in my RV. The 12 volt system simplifies this. I’m writing C++ microcontroller code, JavaScript Alexa skills, and Swift iOS iPhone and Apple TV apps.

At the beginning of 2011 I started looking around at iPhone development companies to try to determine how iPhone businesses were selling and pricing their work. This led me to taking a job with Mutual Mobile, a (then) small, mobile solutions start up company. We now have about 50 very talented and passionate iOS engineers worldwide. These people love what they do, and I love working with them. Shortly after joining Mutual Mobile, I was promoted to Director. I enjoyed leading the team for about three and a half years before the lack of quality programming time got to me, and I switched roles back to a full time programming position. It’s great to work for a company that supports making that sort of drastic career change. I’m now also one of the leading Alexa skill developers.

Shelley and I have 4 children (Brian, Aaron, Jessie, Jackie) that are grown and out of the house, and we have 3 grandchildren (Ethan, Gillian, Lacey, and a 4th on the way). We are currently sponsoring 3 children (Joshua, Phoebe, Annety) in Kenya through World Vision’s child sponsorship program. We hope to be able to travel to Kenya to meet them in the next couple years.

We have enjoyed traveling, often on a Goldwing motorcycle all across the USA, and SCUBA diving when we could afford it. Our travels have taken us from our home base in Texas to both coasts, Canada, Yellowstone, and Yosemite. The later is my favorite place on Earth. We’ve ridden out to California and back on the Goldwing. We have been SCUBA diving in the Dominican Republic and Bonaire.

We are two time breast cancer survivors.

Life is great! It is amazing where God will lead you if you can put your fears aside long enough to follow where He leads.

Thank you Jesus for this amazing life that you’ve given us.