I am a man just trying to be a good Christian by staying active in my church and learning to love God and my neighbors a little more each day.

I love to travel, play drums and keyboards, compose music, read, program, design and build custom microprocessor based electronic circuits. I express my artistic side through my music and programming. I’ve been involved in prison ministries, where I have been blessed to be able to play piano and drums with my incarcerated brothers.

For several years my wife and I were living our dream of working remotely and traveling around America in our RV. Our ongoing plans had been to become Summer Canadians, and winter Texans.

But part way through 2023 our circumstances changed. Shelley’s cancer treatments needed to be adjusted, which required chemo infusions every 3 weeks. That made our Summer Canada plans fairly unworkable. So in February 2024 I pulled the switch on retirement to spend more time with her, and make it easy to take her to appointments, etc. Let me be clear that HEB was wonderful, and very accommodating of our situation. It just felt like the right time to retire., and God has blessed us to be able to do so.

So besides living full time in our RV, we’re not really planning on doing much more traveling with it. We’ll need to keep our trips shorter to fit in between 3 week infusions. So we expect to be flying more, and leaving the RV at home.

So we’ve done things a bit backwards. We got the RV and traveled all over before retiring, and then settled down a bit  🙂

Also happening in 2023, our oldest son Brian and his wife Tracy had a baby. So we made the decision to move from east Austin north to Cedar Park to be closer to them. We then decided to move even further north to a very nice park in Liberty Hill. We feel like we’ve found a permanent place for our RV. We’re still fairly close to the new grand daughter Scarlett, but a lot further from downtown Austin now.

Shelley and I have 4 children (Brian, Aaron, Jessie, Jackie) that are grown and out of the house, and we have 5 grandchildren (Ethan, Gillian, Lacey, JT, and Scarlett) with 1 more on the way (Melody Grace). We are currently sponsoring 4 children (Joshua, Phoebe, Annety, and Stephen) in Kenya through World Vision’s child sponsorship program. We were blessed to be able to visit Kenya to meet them in 2018.

We have enjoyed traveling. We’ve been on a mission trip to Kenya, and toured Israel and Egypt. We’ve ridden a Goldwing motorcycle all across the USA, and SCUBA dived in the Dominican Republic and Bonaire.  Our travels have taken us from our home base in Texas across the USA to both coasts, into Canada, and many National Parks including Yellowstone, and Yosemite. The later is my favorite place on Earth.

We are three time breast cancer survivors.

Life is great! It is amazing where God will lead you if you can put your fears aside long enough to follow where He leads.

Thank you Jesus for this amazing life that you’ve given us.