I am an iPhone developer and enthusiast. I work with other iPhone developers to help them create robust, maintainable mobile solutions. I have developed quite a bit of expertise in development processes and automated unit testing on iOS and other platforms.

In my spare time I also build mobile enabled WordPress websites and native iPhone applications for myself and friends. I love today’s technology.

I enjoy working with people, and I am passionate about mobile technology. I am currently the Director of iOS Engineering for Mutual Mobile in Austin. This is a great gig, allowing me to express my creativity, work with a great group of really smart people both in Austin and Hyderabad, India, and remain immersed in the latest mobile technology.

I am a part time musician, and enjoy integrating mobile technology into my keyboard and drum setups.

I love riding my motorcycle, and ride it to work every day. I am an all weather biker.

My wife and I are full-time RVers. The RV is currently parked in Austin, but I can work from wherever the RV happens to be. I plan on parking the RV in some pretty interesting places in the near future.