Three Weeks in Chama, New Mexico

In July ’21 we decided to get out of the Austin heat for awhile, so hauled the rig up to Chama for three weeks in the New Mexico mountains.

We stayed in 2 separate RV parks, both of which were quite nice.

The 1st RV Park

We went downtown quite often for a meal or just coffee.

Downtown Chama

Shelley setup the hummingbird feeders, including putting one on her finger. The hummingbirds were interested and came quite close to Shelley’s ring feeder.

Feeding the Hummingbirds

While we were there we of course took a ride on the Cumbres Toltec Railroad. This is one of only a few narrow gauge railroads.

Our lunch stop off in the distance

We rode most of the way in one of the open flat cars. The view was great, but we ended up with soot all over us.

An Aspen stand just outside of town

These trains are narrow gauge in order to make the sharp turns necessary in some of the mountain passes.

The lower path seen here is the highway, which is much newer than the original train tracks which are shown above it, and much more precariously cut into the side of the cliff.

Shelley Saying Goodbye

We were sad to leave, but it’s always nice to head back home.