Fixing the Roof

Last time we stayed at Leisure Resort on the San Marcos river in Fentress we had a Matt, an RV repairman come out to look at a fresh water leak in our RV. While he was here he inspected the roof also. We’ve accrued quite a bit of damage from overhanging limbs over the past 3 years, so it was about time to get that fixed. Since these were all moving related accidents, it was covered by our insurance.

A shady spot for doing the work. The temp got up to 98 by the afternoon.

So we made arrangement to come back and have Matt replace the damaged roof surface. We scoped out the park and reserved a shady spot for 5 days. The work itself only takes a couple days, but we didn’t know if we’d need to wait a couple days for any rain, etc.

So the weather cooperated and work began bright and early Monday morning. We camped out at our grand-daughter Gillian’s apartment in San Marcos since they had to remove the air conditioners. They had the A/C back installed by 6 so we could return for the night.

After everything was removed from the roof, the old surface was removed and a new sheet applied. Matt’s team was quick to reinstall the A/C so we could return at the end of the day.
My Work Office overlooking the San Marcos river at Leisure Resort, Fentress, TX

So I’m just stuck here working on the side of the San Marcos river while they finish up the roof today.