Problems with Our Sleep Number Bed

A couple nights ago my side of our Sleep Number bed started leaking. I woke up in a pit with my hip hurting from laying against the plywood underneath the mattress.

Chica likes sleeping in a trough.

Ron’s side of the bed doesn’t hold air, but Chica doesn’t seem to mind at all.

I’m able to fill it back up, but it’s flat again within a couple hours. Sleep Number has very good help information on their website, and we were able to determine by swapping the left and right side hoses that the problem is with the airbag on my side, and not the pump or hoses.

So I contacted Sleep Number, and they checked my warranty status and are sending replacement airbags at a discounted price to us here at the RV park in Chama, NM. They have very good instructions on how to replace it, including a help video.

So upon receiving the replacement airbags we followed the installation video instructions and about 45 minutes later I’m back sleeping on air.

Installing the new air bag

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the level of service, not something that I can say very often.