Birthday Vacation in Orlando

My beautiful wife Shelley surprised me with a secret birthday vacation. On Wednesday we headed out to the airport for destinations unknown. It turns out that she booked our HGVC timeshare in Orlando for 6 days.

Upon arrival, we checked into all of the different things to do here. I must admit that the amount of things to do here is overwhelming. I opted to get a 5 day pass for the Disney adventure parks.

The first day we went to the Epcot Center. They are having a Wildflower Festival. Of course Shelley was excited about that! One of the rides we took though showed how they are using new technologies to raise crops, including things like hanging plants upside down from high tech watering troughs, and bare root water/nutrient spray systems. They mentioned that there is a behind-the-scenes walking tour available, but we missed the last one. We plan on using our 5th day pass to go back and take the tour.

We had also left just prior to the fireworks, thinking that we’ve seen fireworks before. However, as we got on the tram to the car the fireworks started, and appeared to be unlike any we’d seen before. So we’re planning on going back later today to catch the seed tour and stay until after the fireworks.

We had eaten at the English pub, and ordered the fish-and-chips and a cheese platter. We were intrigued by the Bangers And Mash we saw other diners eating. So we’re planning on making reservations for dinner to give that a try also.

Unfortunately we overdid the walking, and my new sneakers caused a blister on the bottom of each foot. So we started out the day yesterday stopping by Target to pick up some sandals and blister pads. We then took it easy at the Disney MGM/Hollywood Studios park. The main things we saw were the car stunt show and the Tower of Terror. We got rained on several times, but had with us a couple Disney ponchos we had bought the first day. We then finished up the day with a nice dinner at the Out Back. Altogether it was a wonderful day.

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