Creating Icons for iPhone apps

As the number of devices support by iOS grows, the list of icons needed when submitting an iPhone app grows. Here’s a list of the icons and the default filenames that you’ll need:

Size Name Description
512×512 Whatever Used on app store
57×57 Icon.png Default icon for pre-iPhone4 devices (non-retina displays)
114×114 Icon@2x.png Icon for retina display devices
29×29 Icon-Small.png Small icon for use on non-retina displays
58×58 Icon-Small@2x.png Small icon for retina displays
72×72 Icon-72.png iPad icon
50×50 Icon-Small-50.png Icon displayed in search window

Note that the default filenames can be overridden with the info.plist icon-files entry.

The official list is on the Apple developer site: Technical Q&A QA1686.

An easy way to create all of these icons is to start with a 512×512 image, and then export it in each of the smaller sizes. I’m a Photoshop user, so I use ‘Save for Web & Devices’ in the File menu, but just about any image editor should have the ability to do this.