BorderContainer disappears when height=100%

I ran into a snag getting the tab container to work when specifying height and widths of 100%.

Solution: I eventually discovered that all 3 html, body, and the BorderContainer div must be set to 100%. I had not specified anything for html and body, and when I set the div tag to 100% the whole thing just went blank.

In addition, the BorderContainer will updating the size of its child divs (those marked with “region=”. It won’t however update any additional divs that are children of those. This tripped me up because I was trying to put an AccordionContainer within the left region div of a BorderContainer. The AccordionContainer height wasn’t being updated and was not working when setting the AccordionContainer to 100%. The solution was to eliminate the left region div, and set “region=’left'” in the AccordionContainer itself.

Now we know.

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