RV Mechanical Trouble

Well, we got about half way home and ran into a problem with the RV. We pulled into the Springfield Mo. KOA and started setting everything up. We started pulling the bedroom slide out and heard a terrible grinding sound. We’ve had trouble with this slide before, so knew to stop immediately, even though the slide was only half way out. Well, it appears that one of the 4 cables that pull the slide in/out broke.

Slide 1/2 Out

Broken Slide Cable

So our plan for tomorrow is to try to get the slide back in for traveling, and sleep in the recliners or the bunk bed in the office tomorrow, our last night. We can’t get into the bedroom or main bathroom with the slide in. I’ll worry about fixing the slide after we get home.

So in spite of the mechanical problems we’re still having fun. We stopped by on the way to the Uranus Fudge Factory. Sounds pretty gross, right?

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