Tailgating SUVs

This is a fairly negative song, so I probably won’t ever do much with it. The idea came to me while driving to work, seeing some SUVs tailgating these other little cars. It occurred to me that they’d probably get really angry if some larger vehicle (like a semi-truck) tailgated them. The hypocrisy and self-centeredness bothers me.

It is a pretty standard I-IV-V song with VI minor thrown into the chorus.  

[Title]Tailgating SUVs

[Verse 1]
[C]Tailgating SUVs, [F]putting my life at [G]risk.
[C]You’re bigger so you don’t care if you [F]crash into me tsk, [G]tsk!
[Am]I’d like to see you get tail[F]gated yourself one [G]day
by a [Am]big mac truck, much bigger than you. Would [F]you think that is [G]ok?

[Verse 2]
Tailgating SUVs, now you’re making me shudder.
You’ve got a hot cup of coffee in one hand, and your cellphone in the other.
I sure hope you don’t spill that coffee in your lap.
You’ll be jumping and screaming and crash into me, and …

… something about the price of gas?

… something about the environment?

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