Tesla Buying Experience

Teslas are incredible. Back in July 2021 we test drove one, and put in an order for a Model Y. We were told at the time that the wait would be about four months, and our sales rep would check back with us periodically with updates.

For over 5 months we didn’t hear anything from our sales rep at all, and he didn’t return our emails.

At the beginning of December we received an email informing us of our VIN number, and letting us know that we needed to provide proof of insurance for it before delivery, which was scheduled between Dec 17th and Dec 27th. So we setup insurance, got our finances ready to make payment, and looked forward to a Tesla for Christmas.

On December 19th I just happened to check our account on the Tesla website, and it said that delivery is expected in “June”. Huh?

Needless to say I was quite perturbed about this.

So I contacted the dealer and was told that the VIN number we were given was taken away, and there isn’t a VIN number yet for our purchase. Huh, again? Nice of Tesla to tell me because I’m currently paying for insurance on a car that isn’t expected for another six months.

So for a few days I was left puzzled as to whether my sales rep just made a mistake, or maybe gave my VIN to a friend, or what. In any case, it appeared at that point that we had been moved to the back of the queue for no apparent reason and without a phone call or email to inform us.

Well evidently the person I spoke to on the phone did some checking, figured out what had gone wrong, and corrected the problem. We received notice informing us that our car would be ready to pick up in a few days, before the end of the year.

I guess alls well that ends well.

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