Chords and Lyrics WP plugin Public Release v1.3

I’ve submitted the form to requesting access to their svn to release the Chords and Lyrics publicly.

I’ve removed the old widget, and replaced it with an options page in the Users admin menu. Since this is per-user configurable, I thought that the Users menu was the correct place. But upon rethinking this, I think the correct place is under Appearance. I can easily move it if someone explains to me why another menu would be better 🙂

I’ll post an update when it goes live.

2 Replies to “Chords and Lyrics WP plugin Public Release v1.3”

  1. Hey,

    I’m starting (over) or better said updating a page where you could display chords but also change them into Spanish notation or change the tones into higher or lower chords. Some people have hard times when playing the original ones.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask if I am allowed to modify your code for my page so it still goes up and down in tones and the notes can be chosen in A B C D or Do Re Mi Fa Sol.

    If you plan to do so in a future release I can stop and wait for you to do it. I’m still familiarizing myself with WP and with your plugin.

    Take care and God Bless You!

    “The truth shall set you free”

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