A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Dallas

Luckily we had planned on traveling to Dallas a week early for Shelley’s Proton Therapy. Since we’d booked a nice RV spot on the lake at Hidden Cove RV Resort in Frisco, we decided to go early on Saturday 7/8 and spend a week enjoying the park before Shelley started her treatments on 7/19. Shelley followed me in her car so we would have it for driving back and forth to her treatments daily instead of driving the behemoth truck in Dallas traffic.

About an hour out of Austin she phoned me to tell me that there was smoke coming out from under the RV. I immediately pulled over, and saw that something was wrong with the way the triple axle wheels were aligned. So we let things cool down a bit, then limped along slowly until we reached a Love’s truck stop a short ways up I35. We pulled in and talked with the truck repair shop in the back, but they told us that they didn’t work on RVs so we’d need to call a mobile RV trailer repair service. So that night checked into a cheap motel next door while we looked up and called a mobile repair service and parked the RV on the street in front of it. We contacted a 24/7 mobile repair service, and the guy said he’d be out first thing in the morning.

The next morning we moved the RV from the street to the Love’s parking lot. There was a lot of truck parking in the rear, and we were able to back the rig into the space furthest back. We checked with the Love’s store and they were ok with us parking in the back so long as we weren’t block traffic.

Parked in the back of Love’s

The repair guy didn’t show up until after noon the next day. He pulled the wheels, and determined that we must have hit a curb which bent the axle hangers of the rear 2 axles. Huh? I hadn’t felt a thing. Anyways, he told us that he would get some welding tools and parts and come back out first thing the next morning and repair the hangers.

So we stayed in the RV that night which didn’t work out very well. It was very hot, so we needed to run the generator and A/C around the clock. That meant that I also had to refill the generator fuel tank regularly using a 5 gallon container which required multiple runs up to the gas pumps.

So Monday the repair guy didn’t show up until the afternoon, and spent the rest of the afternoon banging on the hangers and cutting and welding things. We checked into the motel right behind Love’s which worked out pretty well. Well the work went on through the next two days, each day the guy not showing up until afternoon some time, with no real end in sight.

Axle Hangers Being Repaired?

Finally on Wednesday I contacted another mobile RV mechanic, and he came out and took a look at the work that the first was doing. He was very polite, but tactfully stated that he didn’t think the first guy was doing things correctly. If I wanted, he knew a good welder that he could get to help him do the work, but that I would need to contact the trailer manufacturer to order some needed parts. I’m thinking to myself, why hasn’t the first guy contacted them for parts? So I called the the RV tech support, and they referred me to Lippert, trailer manufacturer. The Lippert parts folks were able to explain to me, and send me parts diagrams showing how the parts were supposed to be assembled. I was certain then that the first guy was actually making things worse. So I fired him, ordered the parts, and got Nelson’s Roadside 24/7 mechanic back on the job. They had me order the parts and have them delivered directly to them, and they would come out and do the work as soon as the parts arrived.

Waiting for the Parts

The parts arrived on Friday morning, and by early Friday afternoon we were back on the road and checked into Hidden Cove RV park in Frisco.


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