Hot Summer 2023 Plans

We had planned on spending the entire summer at Wildwood RV and Golf Resort in Windsor, Ontario to escape the Texas heat, but we had to cancel those plans when Shelley’s health situation changed. A couple lymph notes had become active, and her doctors recommended 6 weeks of proton therapy in Irving near Dallas.

One of the lymph nodes sits right in front of a bundle of nerves in her throat, so other cancer treatment options such as surgery or more common types of radiation would be risky. But proton therapy is very good at exactly this type of situation. It is able to irradiate the lymph node at a specific depth (called the Bragg peak) without causing much damage behind it .

Proton Therapy Chamber

So we spent part of July through the beginning of September in the Dallas area. Shelley was able to find a nice RV park right on a lake in nearby Frisco for the 2 months we’d need to be there. She booked us a campsite with a lot of shade.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a good internet connection. Since I was working remotely, that was a big problem. We have a Starlink system as backup for when this happens, but there was no way to position the antenna with the necessary view of the sky. So we had to switch sites to one with no afternoon shade.

Our 2nd Hidden Cove site

Temperatures got over 110° while we were there, and the RV got very hot. We learned that RV air conditioners are designed to cool air only 16° to 20°, so my office got up to the mid 90’s in the afternoons.

As you can see in this picture, we tried shading the RV the a ShadeRV on the roof, and shade cloth covering the sunny side, but I don’t know how much good that did. We were still very hot in the afternoons.

Trying to keep cool in 110° weather

So the lesson we learned is that we absolutely must have an RV spot with afternoon shade if we are going to spend the summer in Texas.


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