Monday Day 7 Summer Trip 2022

Crossing Into Canada

Monday morning we got up and took our time enjoying the company, having a nice breakfast, and preparing the rig to cross over into Canada.

I’d made a mistake on the previous day and pushed my office chair up under the desk to hold it in place. However, the roads were so bumpy that (I guess) the chair bouncing and pressing up under the desk ripped the screws out, and the desk crashed onto the floor. So I fixed that before getting underway.

It took us a while to get across the Canadian border. There were a lot of cars queued up. But we got through without any problems.

We settled into the Wildwood RV and Golf Resort where we’ll be staying for the next four weeks. It is very nice here.

Walking Along the Gold Cart Trail

We had talked with our family here, and agreed to take a day off to rest and get all setup before getting together.

More and pictures to come…

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