Tuesday Day 8 Summer Trip 2022

Internet Problems

Shortly after arriving in Canada we discovered that we didn’t have a good internet connection.

  • Our Verizon phones which normally have a humongous amount of data were being cut back to 0.5 GB data per day.
  • The Wifi provided by the RV park only worked near the pool or at the Laundry building.
  • My T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon hotspots didn’t work at all.
  • To add insult to injury, we received notice from StarLink that our equipment had arrived just a day or two after leaving Austin. We though maybe we’d have the equipment shipped to us up here, but StarLink requires that the equipment be setup in Austin first before allowing any roaming.

So we spent some of our first day family visiting time finding a Canadian cellular company that could sell us a SIM card with enough data to let me work during the week. We ended up getting a 45 GB SIM from Telus for $75. That’s been working ok for us, but I have to be very careful to do any big downloads while sitting at the pool or laundry, and I’ll need to purchase another one.

That may seem like a lot of data, but consider this:

  • Xcode has a new beta 4 update, and that is 7 GB
  • iOS 16 beta 4 is available, and is probably several gigabytes also.

Internet problems aside, we had a wonderful visit with Shelleys sisters Jukie and Vickie and her husband Ron. It was cool enough to sit out on their back patio.

Again, we managed to take no pictures. I’ve added that to my list of to-dos.

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