Our Second Day in Matete

Tuesday morning, following breakfast at the hotel, we returned to the Matete ADP for morning devotions and of course a tea break.

We then visited the Balibayo CBO for a presentation of the CBO and the donors to understand how they manage the over 4323 RC in the AP.

Following lunch at the AP, we split up met with our sponsored RC at their homes. Shelley and I sponsor 3 children, so WV arranged for all of them to meet with us at one of their homes.

This was a fun afternoon, getting to know the children and their families. We exchanged gifts, were treated to locally grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and of course more tea. We exchanged gifts, and then were given a tour of the family’s farm. It was truly amazing how much was being done with a fairly small amount of land.

Afterward, on the way back to the hotel we stopped by the Webuye waterfall.

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