Day Three in Matete, Kenya

Wednesday we again had breakfast at the hotel before traveling back to the ADP. Sister Grace lead us in morning devotionals, followed by tea.

We then visited an education project; the Kivaywa Primary School, a school with many RC / WASH interventions.

We were welcomed to the school by approximately 1,000 cheering and waving children, and met by the Head Teacher.

In addition to touring the school, we participated in a Swahili lesson. Side note: we were surprised to lean that the Kenya national language is not Swahili, but English.

Each of the classes then performed for us, either singing, or reciting, or dancing. What a wonderful experience.

We were both delighted and saddened to visit the single classroom for handicapped children. We learned that up until recently, handicapped children did not participate in school at all, and were often just abandoned. Primarily because of the efforts of World Vision, many now were attending school, but there is a lot progress needed in this area.

After lunch back at the ADP, we again ventured out, this time to the Matete Water Users Association office. We met with the management committee, and learned all that had been accomplished. This included expanding the water distribution network. The small fees charged by the co-op, and the efficient management of it actually provided sufficient funds to allow sponsoring three girls. This provided their school fees and uniforms. Without this help, these teenage girls would have instead been sold by their families into marriage.

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