Safari Day 1 in Masai Mara, Kenya

Friday morning we flew from Nairobi to the Masai Mara wildlife preserve. We stayed at the Little Governor’s camp.

We hopped into trucks, and headed to the camp. We saw zebra, gazelle, and warthogs on the way.

When we got to the camp, we needed to cross a river, so this kind gentleman pulled us across using a rope.

We then had a short hike up to the camp.

Looking back at the river we’d crossed.

And when we arrived at the camp, we had the customary Kenya tea and relaxed watching God put on a show right at our camp.

The tents and tables were situated next to a pond that was a constant show of various different wildlife. They’d appear on one side, walk across, then disappear out the other side.

When Ron and Tom arrived at their tent, it was discovered that the twin beds were actually a single king size. Tom looked at me and said “You know, Ron. What happens in Kenya stays in Kenya”.

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