Planning Center Online

This morning I woke up very early, feeling pretty excited about really diving into doing development on the band site and the iPhone application for it.

I did some searching through the App store looking for drum related applications and got about a hundred hits. None of the existing applications do what I had planned, but it worries me that with so many drum related applications, a new drum application would get lost.

So I started searching for band lineup related applications, which is a bit difficult because I couldn’t think of any unique search keys. However, I finally located an iPhone application that referred me to their associated website

OMG! This site has done just about everything that I had hoped to do with my band site, including an iPhone application and Facebook integration. This is a very sweet site, very well done. I am very excited about it, and looking forward to bring out own band up on it. I’m fighting off being disappointed that someone else beat me to the idea, and did it so well!

One of the really coincidental aspects of this site is that the creator of the site is a music minister at Central Christian Church in Henderson near Las Vegas. I had written the song “A Place in Sin City” shortly after visiting that church early last year. I’ve also recently been in touch with my ex-brother-in-law, and he has become very active at that church.

This whole thing has the appearance of having God’s hand all over it. Now I just need to figure out what He wants me to do with it. I’ll probably start by sending a letter over to PCO and see if they need any help.

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